Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, “Civic Pathways Out of Poverty and Into Opportunity”.

This paper is the product of nearly two years of conversation, research, deliberation and writing. PACE and its members were interested in exploring the idea that service and civic engagement can be more purposely focused on workforce development goals and post-secondary educational achievement for low-income youth and young adults. The project had a particular interest in reversing the conventional view of service as something ‘done to’ people in need. As PACE began its outreach and research they discovered that there were many other individuals and organizations interested in joining this conversation. This paper is a result of that wide-ranging dialogue with those in the service field about how these ‘civic pathways out of poverty and into opportunity’ can be created.

“We have high hopes that this paper can catalyze a national conversation about viewing service in a very different way, and using service and civic engagement to take on some of the largest challenges facing our nation’s young people,“ said Chris Gates, the Executive Director of PACE.

This work was supported and directed by three members of the PACE organization, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the New World Foundation.

Civic Pathways” was prepared for PACE by Marga Incorporated, a New York based consulting firm. Marga is a regular partner to the field of philanthropy, most recently assisting Living Cities, a national collaboration of major foundations and financial institutions.

PACE is a learning community of funders doing work in the fields of civic engagement, service and democratic practice. Formerly known as the Grantmakers for Community and National Service, PACE was created five years ago to bring new philanthropic focus to emerging civic engagement strategies that strengthen our communities and our democracy.