– Please Join Us for a Special Event –

Engaging Citizen 2.0:
From Obama to the “MyFaceTube” Revolution,
How is Social Media Reshaping Civic Engagement?

“Web2.0” technology and new organizing models have created a new standard for reaching citizens. In this interactive session we will hear about emerging practices to help the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors evaluate these new models, understand their benefits and drawbacks, and explore how best to capture and catalyze civic excitement.

Expert panelists will include:

Diana Aviv, Independent Sector
Scott Heiferman, Meetup.org
Ellen Miller, Sunlight Foundation
Anne Mosle, Kellogg Foundation
Micah Sifry, Personal Democracy Forum
Tim Ziegler, Pickens Plan


2:00PM – 5:00 PM on September 9th
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Following the Annual National Conference on Citizenship
(To register for the Annual Conference, visit www.ncoc.net/conference)


This Invitation-Only Event is Hosted by:
The National Conference on Citizenship,
Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement,
and The Case Foundation

Please RSVP to David B. Smith, dsmith@ncoc.net