The Third Annual Conference in Civic Studies at Tufts

Co-sponsored by The Deliberative Democracy Consortium, The Democracy Imperative, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), and the Tisch College of Citizenship

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Please join us for this two-day gathering of educators and activists to explore the theory and practice of citizenship. (It will begin in the evening of July 21 and conclude in the afternoon of July 23). Through interactive sessions, we will focus on “citizenship” as creativity, agency, and collaboration – not as a form of membership that separates those who are in from those who are out.

Join us for a series of learning exchanges, presentations, and conversations on:

  • Engaging—and being engaged by—the online public:  How are online technologies being incorporated into democratic governance and education?
  • The “neutrality” challenge: Concerns over neutrality challenge educators and practitioners alike. In public life, the question is how to balance the commitment to a politically neutral process with the desire to achieve more equitable outcomes. In the classroom, the question is how to present all perspectives on an issue yet take a definitive stance in an effort to educate for democracy. What are the politics of neutrality, on campus and in public life?
  • What role is there for innovative theory in civic practice? For example: how might Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel-prize-winning research on “common pool resources” help citizens, public officials, and other leaders share the work of sustaining deliberative democracy?

Scholars, students, activists,  educators and others interested in this topic are welcome to use this form to apply to attend. Registration costs $120, $30 for students. Free admission for participants in the Summer Institute of Civic Studies. Scholarships are available for select applicants who demonstrate financial need.

The Civic Studies, Civic Practices Conference concludes the third annual Summer Institute of Civic Studies at Tisch College. This intensive, two-week interdisciplinary seminar brings together advanced graduate students, faculty and practitioners from diverse fields of study for challenging discussions about the role of civics in society.


For a draft conference schedule (subject to change), please see this page.

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