In Pursuit of Consensus: A Summary of Proceedings of the National Symposium on Service (February 1997)
Highlights the key questions addressed during the National Symposium held in July 1996 and demonstrates how, across the political spectrum, there is agreement about the value of service as an ethic in American society. No longer available in print or for online download.

Are Our Principles Making a Difference (April 1997)
A special Public Policy Task Force Report on the relationship between Grantmaker Forum principles and the direction in which national policy is headed.

Service as a National Movement NOT Just Another Federal Program (April 1997)
Lays out specific guidelines for an effective national service policy.

Profiles of Success: Public/Private Partnerships for Community and National Service (April 1998)
Profiles of eight exemplary public/private partnerships that support community and national service.

Who Gives… Who Gets (October 1998)
Based on the session in Seattle, WA, this publication systematically approaches the questions surrounding community and national service.

Civil Society and Educational Renewal: Service Learning in the 21st Century (January 1999)
A summary of a regional dialogue in Minneapolis, MN in April of 1998 featuring economist Jeremy Rifkin that discusses the possibilities for reinvigorating civil society through educational reform.

National Service in the Next Century: Taking it to Scale (May 1999)
Monograph based on a policy forum co-sponsored by the Grantmaker Forum at City Year’s 1998 Annual Conference.

Profiles of Success: Community Foundations in Service to Communities (September 1999)
Profile of eight exemplary service programs in which community foundations play a leading role.

AmeriCorps: Getting Good Things Done in Northern California: Executive Summary (October 1999)
This executive summary of a comprehensive study of 19 Northern California AmeriCorps programs was commissioned by the Northern California Grantmakers. Cost of production and national dissemination was paid for by the Grantmaker Forum.

Grantmaker Forum on Community & National Service 2nd Annual Conference Keynote Address by Angela Glover Blackwell (November 1999)
The transcript of the keynote address given at the Grantmaker Forum 2nd Annual Conference in Berkeley, California by Angela Glover Blackwell, President of PolicyLink.

The Power of Service: 2000 Conference Session Highlights (April 2001)
This publication highlights three of the sessions from the Grantmaker Forum’s 2000 Conference, Revitalizing Democracy: The Power of Service. The sessions highlighted include the keynote address by the Honorable Leon Panetta, the luncheon plenary session entitled Building Engaged Communities, and a concurrent conversation entitled The Promise and Pitfalls of Creating an Engaged Citizenry.