In January 2021, PACE joined more than 280 of our philanthropic peers (foundations, donors, and fellow Philanthropy Serving Organizations) in signing on to an open letter condemning the violent insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Collectively, the signatories (including 19 active PACE members) used their voices to affirm Constitutional principles– including free and fair elections, peaceful transitions of power, and representative governance– and call for the rejection of conspiracy theories and deliberate disinformation that sows harmful division. 

Many leaders across the political spectrum and across society are boldly speaking out both individually and collectively at this important and pivotal time. Here, we’ve aggregated the voices of our members and several diverse coalitions to provide a snapshot of the many ways in which principled, pragmatic, and diverse civic leadership is being demonstrated right now. 

Statements from PACE Members (listed alphabetically):

Statements from bipartisan commissions (listed alphabetically):