June will be a busy month for PACE Executive Director Chris Gates, with five major events taking place. First, Gates will meet with other leaders of the service community in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania June 4-6 to hear about the progress of the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project, an effort to make service a more integral part of the lives of all American youth.

Then Gates, who has been working closely with the staff of the Council on Foundations to design two democracy-related sessions at their upcoming annual conference in Washington, DC, will moderate both a session on the upcoming 2014 midterm elections and a conversation about campaign finance reform and the IRS issues around advocacy and speech in the non-profit sector at the COF conference.

Shortly after that, on June 11th and 12th, the board and members of PACE will gather for their summer board meeting in Washington, DC to update each other on their work, hear updates about PACE work and make plans for the remainder of 2014. Next Gates will head to Atlanta for the annual National Conference on Volunteering and Service, sponsored by Points of Light. As a member of the Reimagining Service Council Gates will be involved in several conversations there about efforts to rethink how the non-profit world uses volunteers to accomplish their goals.

Finally, Gates has been invited to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative-America meeting in Denver, Colorado on June 23-25. Gates will serve as a resource person in the ‘Empowering Opportunity Youth’ track and be a voice for the perspective that PACE has championed for several years, that service can provide a civic path out of poverty for disconnected, disadvantaged and disengaged youth.