PACE Co-Sponsors Katrina @ 5 Conference, March 22-24, New Orleans

As communities rebuild after disaster, they often find their work to be less about recapturing the status quo and more about building a stronger community than before.

As you work to tackle tough issues and transform communities, keep in mind the lessons to be learned about response, rebuilding, and community transformation nearly 5 years following the Gulf Coast disasters.

Gather in the region with hundreds of fellow funders to explore what has worked, what hasn’t, and the lessons for donors like you working to respond, rebuild, and transform their communities.


Katrina @ 5: Partners in Philanthropy is a collaborative effort of more than 30 partner organizations representing national, regional and local funders, and funder networks, including PACE-Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement.

Join us March 22-24 in New Orleans for Katrina @ 5. Learn, share, and affirm your support for the Gulf Coast-and for sustainable, resilient communities everywhere. Learn more at