PACE and the Kettering Foundation have just released a new white paper, ‘Philanthropy and the Limits of Accountability: A Relationship of Respect and Clarity’. The paper grew out of a conversation we began with PACE members over year ago about how the issues of transparency and accountability might soon impact the field of philanthropy. PACE and Kettering convened three roundtables of philanthropic and non-profit leaders, and talked to dozens more one-on-one. This report is a distillation of what we heard and the issues that were raised. Brad Rourke, a program officer at Kettering and the director of this project, did a remarkable job of leading the effort and distilling hundreds of hours of conversation into this timely and relevant paper. We have great appreciation for his patience, his keen intellect and his incisive writing. As we’ve seen from the appetite for the shorter preview piece that Rourke and Chris Gates recently published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, there is a huge amount of interest in this topic. We hope the paper serves as a springboard to an important conversation within the philanthropic community. The paper is available as a free pdf download on the PACE website.