PACE believes in the power of the collective, meaning we recognize we can do more together than any one of us can do alone; solidarity is inherent in this principle. We also believe in responsible philanthropy, which means we strive to be aware of, foster discussions around, and address inequities within the systems and structures of philanthropy and of the broader society, including ones that disenfranchise or discriminate by race, gender, class, or other identities. 

In accordance with these principles, we compiled a collection of statements from PACE members pertaining to George Floyd’s death and related incidents of racial inequity and injustice that have occurred within recent days. The issues in the discourse are not new, but these traumatic events are forcing a renewed sense of urgency about how to grapple with these issues of democracy, and to consider the ways philanthropy can use its platforms to support solutions and demonstrate civic leadership. 

We will keep this page updated as new statements, commitments, and resources from our membership are created.

[Update as of July 2020: PACE members have committed over $220 million to new efforts to promote racial justice and combat systemic racism. Learn more.]

Statements from Members of our Community

For our part, on June 1, PACE made the decision to postpone the re-launch of our Faith In/And Democracy initiative. We will push the work forward, but we made this decision in order to stand with our grieving and pain-stricken neighbors and commit to doing our small part to clear the way in hopes their voices will be heard. Our statement of values as it relates to this decision is available here. Additionally, this sentiment– present in many faith traditions– felt grounding as we reflect on our responsibility in the moment.