PACE is a national community of funders that invest in the sustaining elements of democracy and civic life–themes that are as sweeping and complex as they are central to the health of our nation. In an effort to guide conversations around these issues, we’ve developed a series of tools to help establish a shared understanding:

The Civic Engagement Primer helps funders answer questions like: What is civic engagement? How does it relate to my work, and how might I get started? The tool is intended for funders of all experience levels, and is accompanied by three PDF resources, illustrating important definitions and the spectrum of activities that fall under the umbrella of civic engagement.

Effective civic learning is key to providing our nation’s young people with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective citizens. The Civic Learning Primer lays the groundwork of definitions and fundamental values of civic education, including a series of promising practices. The tool also illustrates both challenges for the field and a series of recommendations for ways philanthropy can be part of building solutions.

The Democracy Primer is designed to explore the question What is Democracy? Articulating the distinction between democracy as both a practice and a system, the resource charts a list of civic practices across 5 elements of healthy democracies, accompanied by a glossary to illustrate each of its terms.