On October 19, PACE joined 120 of our philanthropic peers (foundations, donors, and fellow PSOs) in signing on to an open letter affirming the core principles of democracy during this tense season of hyper-partisanship. Collectively, the signatories (including 18 PACE members) called for leaders at all levels of government and across all sectors of society to do what they can to ensure the election reflects the will of the people, upholds the norms of democracy, and is free from violence and intimidation.

The letter was covered in a piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy and mentioned in an Inside Philanthropy feature as well. PACE helped organize this letter with our colleagues at the Democracy Funders Network.

Here are some other pro-democracy sign-on efforts we’ve seen circulating recently, which we share in the spirit of aggregating voices on this important topic during this pivotal time:

Business Statement on the Election, organized by the Leadership Now Project

100% for democracy, organized by the Civic Alliance

A Joint Appeal to Protect the Rule of Law in the 2020 U.S. Elections, organized by the World Justice Project

What We Will Do to Hold America Together, organized by Braver Angels

A Call for Biblical Peacemaking, organized by the Matthew 5:9 Fellowship

Faith Leaders United for a Free and Fair Election, a project of Issue One, with help from Values Partnerships and Chris Crawford from Democracy Fund Voice.

Civic Renewal Letter to Presidential Campaigns, organized by Serve America Together

Image created by McKnight Foundation with quote from the sign-on letter