On September 23, 2015, PACE hosted a webinar on “America’s Civic Renewal Movement.”

Video Recording:

Chat Transcript: Attendees were actively engaged in conversation and sharing links, resources and ideas in the “chat” box, so that transcript is also being made available.

Webinar Description: A recently released paper, “America’s Civic Renewal Movement,” explores current sentiments toward civic engagement and identifies opportunities and challenges to expanding our civic infrastructure. This webinar explored philanthropy’s role in supporting and engaging in this movement, and how practitioners perceive foundations’ willingness to partner on these efforts.


  • Peter Levine, Tufts University
  • Eric Liu, Citizen University
  • Kelly Born, Hewlett Foundation
  • Joan Blades, Living Room Conversations
  • Kristen Cambell, PACE

Note: We apologize for the conflict with Yom Kippur. A recording of the discussion has been made available above for all who were interested but unable to attend.