PACE Members approach civic engagement and democracy in a multitude of ways. Members’ varied perspectives, experiences, and approaches to civic engagement and democracy create a rich environment for fellowship, learning, and action within the membership, as well as influence within the broader field of civic philanthropy.


Membership in PACE provides:

  • a space in philanthropy for a pragmatic and collaborative focus on democracy
  • learning, networking, and relationship-building opportunities with funder peers who approach their work with similar values
  • access to curated events, briefings, collaborations, and experiments
  • platforms to share, highlight, and amplify your work and leadership
  • ability to work with PACE and its members on projects and experiments that advance your goals, as well as goals you share with other members

To see the offerings and programming PACE is currently pursuing, please read more about our services, supports, and learning streams as well as what it means to us to operate as a philanthropic laboratory.


As a member-centric philanthropic laboratory, the success of our community lies in the commitment of its members.  PACE asks members to actively participate by:

  • sharing information about their investments and the reasons behind them
  • joining relevant discussions with funders, donors, researchers, and practitioners
  • co-hosting or leading conversations of interest to PACE members when able
  • supporting and engaging in collaborative projects and experiments when able
  • providing a minimum of $1,000 in financial support (dues established on sliding scale based on annual grantmaking budget; contact for more information)


Membership is open to philanthropic individuals and institutions who view their work as enabling civic participation and healthy democracy, and who distribute at least $100,000 in philanthropic resources annually in a strategic and organized fashion (grants and/or related charitable investments). PACE welcomes institutions with diverse approaches to philanthropic giving, including private, family, operating/research, community, and corporate foundations, as well as individual donors and intermediary funders, as long as fund/resource distribution is a central part of their operations and strategy. PACE collects dues based on the organization’s overall annual grantmaking budget; please contact us to receive the scale.