PACE provides a highly valued space for cross-perspective, multi-issue dialogue and learning. It also provides members with a nationally respected platform for carrying out thoughtful research and communications that makes the case for viewing philanthropy through a civic engagement lens. In this way, PACE members benefit from an approach that combines peer learning with field building.



Membership in PACE provides:

  • access to members-only discussions, dinners, and events that explore promising work and ideas;
  • opportunities to work within PACE on research, storytelling, and convening efforts that may have important grantmaking and policy implications;
  • connection to a peer network that allows individual members to link their own organization’s work in civic engagement to a broader field building effort aimed at other funders, donors, and affinity groups.


As a member-driven, learning collaborative PACE strives to create a rich environment for building relationships, exchanging ideas, and informing philanthropic practice. PACE asks its members to actively participate by:

  • sharing information about their investments and the reasons behind them;
  • joining a variety of discussions with funders, donors, researchers, and practitioners;
  • co-hosting and leading conversations of interest to PACE members;
  • taking advantage of opportunities to work collaboratively with other members on PACE-initiated projects;
  • providing a minimum of $1,000 in financial support (dues established on sliding scale based on annual grantmaking budget; contact for more information)