On January 20, 2016, PACE hosted a webinar on a “21 Century Civic Infrastructure.”

Video Recording:

Chat Transcript: Attendees were actively engaged in conversation and sharing links, resources and ideas in the “chat” box; that transcript is available here in its entirety.

Webinar Description: A recently released paper, ”21st Century Civic Infrastructure,” challenges philanthropy to be intentional about taking advantage of modern capacities in order to solve today’s problems.

Demographics are changing, technology and communications are evolving, action can be instant, and the roles and responsibilities of the sectors are blurring. This means there is not only powerful potential, but also urgent necessity, to rethink how philanthropy, nonprofits, business and government should work together. This online discussion explored opportunities for philanthropy to be reflective and intentional about building the civic infrastructure and cross-sector collaborations our work necessitates.

The discussion was designed for philanthropy professionals, but all interested in the topic were welcome to attend. Advance readings included the paper and this SSIR blog post. Attendees were invited to come prepared to share:

  • Their questions or insights about the concept of civic infrastructure;
  • Their views on the values expressed by the keystones (enlisting all voices; engaging all sectors; and sharing information and practice) and how they relate to the social and economic challenges of our times; and
  • Whether their grantees employ any or all of the keystones, and if so, with what result?

This paper was commissioned by PACE Member, the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions, and this discussion was convened in collaboration with the Neighborhood Funders Group.


  • Jill Blair, Jill Blair Consulting
  • Malka Kopell, Civity
  • Sheri Brady, Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions
  • Kristen Cambell, PACE