America’s public square–the institutions, networks, and spaces where Americans engage in the critical issues facing our democracy–is facing a paradigm shift. #Infogagement–a term that describes the recent collision of media, technology, and civic engagement–is fundamental to that shift.  

Join us for a webinar, co-hosted with Media Impact Funders, on December 10 at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific, to discuss how we must come together to re-envision and rebuild our public square.

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Featured speakers include:

  • Eli Pariser, Upworthy
  • Josh Stearns, Democracy Fund
  • Ashley Alvarado, KPCC
  • Sarah Alvarez, Outlier Media

This webinar will bring together thought leaders from across the Infogagement landscape to engage with participants in answering several questions:

  • What are some of the institutions and spaces that created our public square?
  • What caused the paradigm shift we’re experiencing today?
  • What kind of public square best serves all members of our democracy?
  • How can we reconfigure existing institutions and build new infrastructure to rebuild our public square to serve all members of our democracy?

To read more about this and related topics, check out PACE’s #Infogagement publication.