PACE is a membership network of foundations and funders that invest in civic engagement and democracy. PACE’s mission is to inspire interest, understanding, and investment in civic engagement within philanthropy and to be a voice for philanthropy in larger conversations taking place in the fields of civic engagement, service, and democratic practice.


What We Believe

PACE and its members share a belief that America will be more healthy, successful, resilient, and productive if democracy is strong and the office of citizen is treated as central to how it functions.

Why We Exist

Our work aims to uncover the value of civic engagement and democratic practice. We want to understand and showcase why it matters and is worthy of philanthropic investment.

Who We Are

PACE is a diverse network of foundations with a range of priorities, strategies, and structures. We value and are committed to upholding:

  • Thoughtful dialogue that encourages action
  • Diverse approaches to civic engagement
  • Cross-partisan strategies
  • Inclusion in many forms, including ideology and experience

How We Do It

PACE approaches its work by maximizing fellowship among members, tying this to learning and encouraging action. Our strategic roles are to:

  • Connect: Link people and information to each other
  • Illuminate: Help people see or think about things they may not otherwise
  • Orchestrate: Facilitate new intersection points and infuse new energy; help guide learning and information toward action.

We provide a neutral, objective, and supportive platform to explore big questions around:

  • Places: What and who drives community success, and how?
  • Issues: How can civic engagement be a strategy to address societal challenges?
  • Values: Why does democracy matter today and how does our work reflect its precepts?

We provide direct benefits and services to the membership, and also seek to be a vehicle for thee shared values into the broader fields of philanthropy and civic practice.

Where We’ve Been

For nearly a decade, PACE has provided member services and programming that allow foundations to build relationships that support and further their work and leadership. This includes convening member meetings and events, and working collaboratively on special projects of interest to our members. Over 50 philanthropic institutions have been directly involved in the PACE membership network to date, including national, family, community, and operating foundations located across the country.
We also seek to reflect the learning of our members more broadly so that more foundations may see civic engagement and democracy as fundamental to their strategies. PACE has published more than 15 studies, research, papers, and special events that aim to elevate understanding of the value of civic engagement and democracy within the philanthropic sector.


PACE aims to:

  • build a philanthropic network that encourages participation and inclusion in community, civic, and political life;
  • inspire and incubate strategic collaborations within philanthropy that bring together policymakers, nonprofits, business, and the media to support active citizenship;
  • increase the quantity and quality of philanthropic investment in civic engagement.